Although many people now access the census on line, and never on microfilm, census sources remain very useful

Although many people now access the census on line, and never on microfilm, census sources remain very useful

Although many people now access the census on line, and never on microfilm, census sources remain very useful

11. The nationwide Archives sources for censuses

Search engines on internet sites differ, and so they also can alter as time passes, nevertheless the National that is original archives never change. From a different site, or from some other source if you have a full reference, you can use it to find a page on Ancestry.co.uk or on Findmypast.co.uk, even if you have obtained it. This might be especially of good use whenever an individual can be located using title search on a single web site, however on another, because of differences in transcription.

You will probably find census sources quoted in books and articles, and you may must also learn how to utilize them if you’re consulting our online and street that is hard-copy (see area 4.2).

A census guide has three elements that are main a division (page) rule, a string quantity, and a bit quantity. The division and show codes for every census are year:

  • 1841 and 1851: HO 107
  • 1861: RG 9
  • 1871: RG 10
  • 1881: RG 11
  • 1891: RG 12
  • 1901: RG 13
  • 1911: RG 14

A piece may include hundreds of pages, so additional information is needed to discover the right spot within a piece. The census returns for some years follow a solitary structure, but you can find somewhat various plans for 1841 and 1911.

Census returns from 1851 to 1901

The additional refererence is just a folio quantity and (optionally) a full page quantity.

Each piece contains a few enumeration books with numbered pages. Later, folio figures had been stamped on top right corner of any right-hand web page, beginning at the beginning of the piece and continuing through most of the enumeration publications. Since folio figures look just on alternative pages, each folio represents the web page where it seems plus the after web page. Therefore a string, piece and folio reference allows you to find the best couple of pages but a full page quantity may be put into the guide to spot a page that is single if needed, like in this instance through the 1891 census:

The nationwide Archives guide with this web web page, through the 1891 census, is RG 12/1822, Folio 156, web web Page 5.

Both Ancestry.co.uk and Findmypast.co.uk provide a reference that is exact center for every single census year.

The 1841 census

Each piece in 1841 is further divided in to books, therefore a reference that is full to add a novel number following the piece quantity, https://mail-order-brides.org/latin-brides for instance HO 107/1298/8. Each guide then contains its very own a number of folio figures.

The 1911 census

For the very first time the home schedules had been held, in place of being copied into enumeration publications. Each piece represents an enumeration district, and in place of folio figures, each home has an unique routine quantity into the top right-hand part, to make certain that a guide will undoubtedly be when you look at the format RG 14/26288 Sch 227.

Organizations and vessels don’t have routine numbers, alternatively the given information ended up being recorded straight into special enumeration books with numbered pages, as with previous census years.

12. Censuses for Scotland and Ireland

Scotland, 1841-1911

Search and see the census returns for Scotland from 1841 to 1911 at Scotlandspeople (Ј).

Census returns for Scotland are very nearly identical in structure to those for England and Wales, aside from 1911, when likewise detailed information was gathered but ended up being then copied into enumeration publications like in previous years, so there are no home schedules or enumerators’ summary books.

Indexes towards the Scottish censuses 1841-1901 will also be available on Ancestry.co.uk (Ј) and Findmypast.co.uk (Ј). Neither of those indexes has links to digitised pictures.

Unfortuitously, few 19th-century Irish census returns have actually survived; many were lost if the Public Record workplace ended up being damaged into the fire during the Four Courts in Dublin 1922. Just the 1901 and 1911 censuses survived, along side a tremendously tiny quantity of previous comes back. View digitised and indexed images regarding the Census of Ireland 1901/1911 and Census fragments and substitutes, 1821-51 (including Ireland that is northern the National Archives of Ireland internet site.

13. Uk colonies and protectorates

Censuses had been additionally drawn in numerous Uk colonies on exactly the same times like in the uk. Surviving documents among these will typically be found into the national nation of beginning, and never into the National Archives. The exceptions that are only this are:

  • Census of settlers and convicts in brand brand New Southern Wales and Tasmania 1828 in HO 10/21-27. These documents may be installed totally free as Digital microfilm. a version that is name-indexed additionally online at Ancestry.co.uk ( Ј )
  • Census of Surinam 1811 in CO 278/15-25. A number of the records have been in English, however the bulk have been in Dutch
  • Census (for the population that is white) of Barbados 1715 in CO 28/16
  • Census of Sierra Leone: ‘population and liberated Africans’ 1831 in CO 267/111
  • Census of Heligoland 1881 in CO 122/37

14. Other useful online resources

Access census street indexes inside our internet Archive. These are archived pages that are no longer edited or updated as with all content in the UK Government Web Archive.

Find out about the fire that destroyed the 1931 Census for England and Wales, Channel Islands and Isle of guy. the Your Archives pages now held in britain Government internet Archive.

Browse Vision of Britain for reports predicated on information from censuses as much as 1971, or seek out census information associated with a city or region

Consult The on line Historical Population Reports for online usage of the population that is complete for Britain and Ireland from 1801 to 1937 and considerable background information, including samples of papers.

15. Further reading

Use our collection catalogue to get a suggested guide list. The publications are typical obtainable in The National Archives’ guide library. You can also have the ability to see them in a library that is local.

Go to the nationwide Archives’ bookshop for a selection of magazines relating to census documents.

Search our blog sites for articles associated with the census.

Watch the movie Census records: an introduction, by Audrey Collins.