Tips to Avoid Senioritis. Don’t wait by the mailbox for admission decisions!

Tips to Avoid Senioritis. Don’t wait by the mailbox for admission decisions!

Tips to Avoid Senioritis. Don’t wait by the mailbox for admission decisions!

You’ve worked difficult, you have applied to college, and maybe you’ve already gotten some university acceptance letters. Congratulations! Because exciting as it would likely to life after high college, now is not the time for you slack down.

Sure, its semester that is second summer may feel just like it’s appropriate around the corner. But also if you had a stellar autumn semester academically, the school you get attending will review your spring grades also after you’ve been admitted. If your grades decrease through the right time you had been admitted, there’s a opportunity that the admission could be rescinded. And no one wants to cope with that.

Here are some tips on how best to avoid senioritis:

Do enjoy your self! You’re merely a school that is high as soon as. Locate a balance between hanging down with friends, going to high college activities, and buckling down to study for AP exams classes.

Never allow your grades slip. You’ve worked hard for way too long to stop caring and start slacking. Colleges will take notice of a trend that is downward grades.

Do keep your eyes on the award: college. You realize that saying that college shall be the best years of your life? Imagine how much more you’ll enjoy it knowing you are as a college student that you worked hard in high school to get where.

Do not let others peer force you into not caring about your classes. Possibly some of your classmates have already been admitted towards the college of the desires and believe now is a time that is great celebrate and relax. As I mentioned earlier, universities will check your final school that is high, which could influence your offer of admission.

Do remain positive! This will be a stressful time- waiting to receive admission decisions, attempting to decide where you should spend the following four several years of your life are not effortless items to manage. Focus on your academics and involvements and spend time with family and friends rather than driving yourself crazy waiting by the computer or mailbox for college admission decisions.

It’s likely that you are going to own some college that is fantastic. Celebrate your victories. Continue to work hard. And most of all? Take a deep breath. Your senior year is what you make of it.

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A Valentine’s Day Tale of Two Trojans

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and what better solution to celebrate than by sharing a love story that is near and dear to our hearts.

It was Fall of 1986, and our esteemed Director of Admission, Kirk Brennan, was only a mere freshman studying Cinema at USC. Kirk lived on the ‘Cinema Interest’ floor associated with dorm, mostly inhabited by other movie guys and just a few girls (in those days, the School of Cinematic Arts possessed a male bulk). Certainly one of those girls was Julie- or ‘Bubbles’ as her friends affectionately called her because of her big, bubbly personality.

Kirk and Julie had one class together at USC- a Geography course. Kirk says certainly one of his favorite memories at USC involved this course: He stayed up so late working on their ‘480’ film project he slept through the deadline of a Geography that is big lab! He begged the TA to accept their late homework and to his relief, she complied. Thankfully, Julie never heard about Kirk’s tardiness!

One time, Kirk and his buddies decided it would be fun to have assessment party, and luckily for them, Julie offered to host the celebration at her Dad’s house in Santa Monica. Julie, a cook that is excellent whipped up some fried chicken for the hungry teens, and according to Kirk, that’s when he knew he had to ask her out: ‘When I saw her cooking that chicken, I thought she was pretty attractive!’

A few weeks later, on September 19th, 1986, Kirk invited Julie to a fraternity rush celebration, which will become known as their very date that is first. One date is all it took- Kirk and Julie ‘decided to get together’ after that evening, and six years later, Kirk got down on one knee and asked Julie to be his wife.

And now for the proposal…

Whenever Kirk’s friend told him that he had been moving and wanted to truly have a goodbye party, Kirk saw a chance to invite friends and family over and pop the question ‘under the guise of the house cooling party.’ Kirk rented a camera that is video Blockbuster (evidently you could do that in the nineties) to ensure your day would live in perpetuity. Too bad the Trojan Marching Band ended up beingn’t there to serenade!

Kirk asked Julie to marry him, and in June, they are going to celebrate 2 decades of marriage. As Kirk states, ‘marriage ain’t easy, but it’s worth it!’

Day from the Trojan Family to yours, Happy Valentine’s!